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Legal Recruitment Consultant jobsLegal recruitment consultant jobs – We are an established legal recruitment consultancy that can help you find your next role whether that be in Private Practice or In House. Our legal recruitment consultants are specialists in their field and have a background in the profession. They are also aligned to specific practice areas in their region to allow them to offer you the best insight into the market place that is relevant to you.



Legal Recruitment Consultant jobs

    Private Practice

    We have an extensive client base across the UK and beyond. We have placed with a majority of the top 200 firms in the UK whether a Magic Circle, International, National or Regional Firm. This combination of market knowledge and national reach into the best practice firms means we are able to work with you to find the role you are looking for in the firm you want.

    In House Legal Recruitment Consultant jobs

    Legal recruitment consultant jobs – If you are currently working in house or in practice looking to make the move in house we can help. Our legal recruitment consultants specialising in this area have relationships throughout the UK and specialise in sectors to allow them to build the best relationships with GCs and Legal Directors in some of the biggest companies in the UK from FTSE 100 companies to SME’s with a legal team.

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    Search Legal provides full tailored interim solutions to all organisations including global corporates, SMEs and law firms. Having specialist interim legal recruiters, we work very closely with our portfolio of interim lawyers to ensure that we have skilled professionals immediately available in the areas of highest demand. On short notice we can provide groups of lawyers for major projects including document review and large scale litigation matters; lawyers on an interim or locum basis for projects, maternity and paternity cover contracts and where an organisation requires a quick solution to a hiring problem.

    All our lawyers are vetted and compliant to start roles and are a more cost-effective option to utilise more expensive on demand law firms.

    Why are people leaving private practice to move in-house?

    Although there are many reasons people leave private practice to pursue an in-house role, the typical reasons include a better work-life balance, reduced workload, smaller client portfolio, and the lack of new business work required.

    Legal recruitment consultant jobs – Typically, roles within private practice provide more lucrative opportunities. Working in this side of the legal sector often comes with higher salaries, and the chance to earn partner status drives many Lawyers. In London, around 75% of partners earned more than £250,000with the top 2% exceeding £2 million. In comparison, our research shows an in-house head of legal role salary ranges from £95,000 to £160,000.

    However, while the private practice roles have a monetary advantage, they also come with increased workloads which often are not compatible with managing commitments outside of the boardroom.

    Whilst figures vary dramatically from firm to firm, some practices can have hundreds of clients in any given month, especially in areas with a fast case turnaround. If adequate talent is not sourced, this leads to increased workloads for the existing workforce.

    This issue has been exacerbated by COVID-19 in a number areas:

    • Lockdown has placed additional strain on struggling marriages and consequently the number of people seeking divorce has increased. The term “filing for divorce” increased by 567% from December 2019 to December 2020 and” divorce lawyer near me” has risen by 233.33%. This in turn has created huge demand for divorce and family lawyers.
    • The freeze of stamp duty also saw a huge increase in people looking to buy and sell property meaning conveyancing departments experienced a huge upturn in work. Property transactions saw an increase of 12% from Q4 2020 to Q12021 alone with property and conveyancing litigation job advertisements increasing 345% over the past 12 months.

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